Wednesday, June 10, 2009


If someone gets this for me you'll have a best friend for life.
Not the kind of friend that flakes on you last minute or the one who makes half assed attempts at trying to give you advice.
I'll be the kind of friend that will drive you to California and be forced to skip work for a week all because you wanted a milkshake from this sweet place in San Diego. It'll be the kinda friendship where you can say "hey dude... I totally crashed your car while having sex with your mom... also I ran over your cat in the process" and I'll just reply "it's all good man, shit happens!"
That friend that you can punch in the face and I'll still love you. Because with every blow to the face I'll remember "oh yeah remember that $7,999 Monitor they bought me? The one that curves and is actually 2 widescreen monitors rolled into one... this is totally worth that monitor"

Best. Friends...Forever.

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