Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From one nerd to another,

Make everyday count: Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Look on the bright side. Smile, flirt, fart because it's funny. Hug someone (like me). Stop and smell the roses or inspect a beautiful leaf. Do the Thriller dance for an angry gang of geese (Nina). Spread lurve. Wear whatever the fuck you want to wear, including short skirts ; ) and ridiculous heals, or white in the Winter. Sing horribly. Post a sentimental blog and don't worry about how cheesy it is or who might judge you for it : P
That's my two cents for the day. Put it in yo pocket, friend.


  1. Spit reese's pieces at your friends! ;)

  2. •Wear super low cut vnecks to work and get made fun of by nina!

    •blatently hit on sarah and don't worry about getting fired/lawsuit.

    check and double check!